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暖風機 - 暖風機資料大全!


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Sw175 heater

時間:2014-01-11 12:06來源:未知 作者:admin 點擊:
配置自動溫控系統: Automatic temperature control system configuration : 環境溫控范圍:0~45度 Environment temperature : 0~45 degrees 出風口溫度:130度 Outlet temperature: 130 degrees 不銹鋼燃燒室并可自動冷卻; Stainless steel combustion cha

Automatic temperature control system configuration:

Environment temperature: 0~45 degrees

Outlet temperature: 130 degrees

Stainless steel combustion chamber and automatic cooling;

Photoelectric flame sensor;

With a flame controller;

Automatic electronic safety device and a control device;

Equipped with automatic temperature control, saving fuel consumption

Thermal efficiency of 99.99%

Through America GI90 environmental protection certification

This product with similar products at home and abroad with the biggest difference in temperature control switch and temperature display function. Equipment operation and monitoring of heating temperature, when the temperature reaches the setting device to automatically stop running, the temperature is lower than the preset device automatically open (precision of temperature 2 - 3 degrees), the temperature control, save fuel and reduce operating costs.

Optional accessories (safe fireproof cover) heating area: 400 square meters

Model SW-175T-KFA SW-215T-KFA

Heat output power (kcal/h) 47.700 53.3300

(kW/h) 5262

Fuel consumption (L/h 6.1) 4.9

The use of fuel and diesel oil or kerosene

Fuel tank capacity (L) 4949

Power supply (V) 220220

Power consumption (W) 300350

Hot air discharge rate (m3/h) 13001500

Safety device of flame monitoring and protection, overheat protection, flameout protection

Automatic operation control mode

Dimensions (mm) 1090x610x660 1090x610x690

The weight of the product (tank space-time) (kg) 27.729 

用戶名: 驗證碼:點擊我更換圖片

電話:13691199431手機:13691199431 QQ:1146791268

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